Distribution  La Luna
Production   ZORBA production

61 min / Documentary / Iphone 4 (HD) / 2012

"Winner of Louis Lumière 2011 / Documentary Fund - French Institute (Ministry Foreign Affairs)"



South Korean director Jero Yun wants to know what his enemy brothers, the North Korean people, look like. His quest leads him to travel along the China-North Korean border. During his journey, he meets North Korean refugees who accept to tell him their heartbreaking stories.


Music by Mathieu Regnault

*** Special Mention of Jury Award / Cinema Planeta 2013 (Mexico)
*** Best Politic Documentary Nomination / Hambourg 2013 (Germany)
*** Best World Documentary Nomination / Jihlava 2012 (Republic Czech)

Selection Human Rights FF Barcelona / NY / Paris 2014 - Spain, USA, France
Selection Festival ETHNOCINECA 2014 - Austria
Selection FilmFest Hambourg / Festival International of Hambourg 2013 - Germany
Selection Festival Filmambiente Rio de Janeiro 2013 - Brazil
Selection Cinema Planeta / International Environmental Film Festival 2013 - Mexico
Selection FIFE/ Festival International du film d'Environnement 2013 - France
Selection Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2012 - Republic Czech